O Google confirmed that political content produced entirely, or in a complete manner, using artificial intelligence will receive a special identification. The company explains that advertisers, during the campaign creation process within the platform environment, must select the option “Synthetic content or changed”.

The new guideline, announced as the US presidential election approaches, is part of a rule added to the company’s Advertising Policies. Ads properly identified as “synthetic or altered” content will receive a special label, whether in content that runs in mobile feeds, on YouTube Shorts, or even in broadcasts to computers, mobile phones, TVs and the web.

Google, through its subsidiary DeepMindis also looking at other checkpoints for AI-generated content. Last year, DeepMind announced the technology SynthIDwhich works as a kind of invisible watermark that signals when an image was created by AI.

Use of Deepfake in Brazilian elections could lead to the candidate’s impeachment

In Brazil, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) regulated a set of rules on the use of AIincluding the mandatory labeling of content generated by artificial intelligence.

Candidates will have to inform whether they are using any tools to produce content during their campaigns. Therefore, the use of AI for “create, replace, omit, merge, change the speed of or superimpose images and sounds” must contain a warning, indicating that the content has been altered. The use of Deepfakes is completely prohibited, both in video and audio. Failure to comply with the rule may lead to the candidate’s disqualification.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/anuncios-eleitorais-criados-usando-ia-receberao-selo-especial-revela-google.html

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