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The processor being produced by NVIDIA and MediaTek to compete for space with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite will be presented during Computex 2024. The model will be based on Arm and will be revealed as an “AI PC” – ready to deal with artificial intelligence .

Until now, its existence was just a rumor and some specific comments, however CTEE and WCCFTECH claim that the CPU will in fact be announced within the event. The proposal is to make a product available to join Microsoft’s “Copilot+ PC” seal, bringing processors with NPU to maintain its leadership in the market.

MediaTek and Nvidia develop Snapdragon X Ellite rival

Rumors suggest that the “AI PC” processor from NVIDIA and MediaTek will have Cortex A5 Blackhawk cores and also “Blackwell” GPU cores – being produced under TSMC’s 3 nm process. The company’s keynote at Computex 2024 will take place on June 2nd, starting at 8am (Brasília time), so write it down in your diary.

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It is important to mention that NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, is already in Taiwan to meet with commercial partners and members of the local government. In the latter, everything indicates that they want to build a second Research & Development facility within the territory – focused on artificial intelligence.

Among suppliers and other allies, it will also promote closer ties between NVIDIA and TSMC, MediaTek, Gigabyte and Pegatron. Huang will also have meetings with smaller manufacturers such as Wistron and Wiwing.


NVIDIA’s vision of “AI PCs”

Another aspect worth noting is Jensen Huang’s view on “AI PCs”, stating that they are nothing more than “basic” line products – considering that their NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs already have “premium” performance with AIs.

He claims that RTX 40 generation graphics cards have up to 1,300 TOPS of artificial intelligence workload, while the latest processors from Intel, Qualcomm and AMD bring 45 to 50 TOPS at maximum.

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