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Known for making some of the most praised cooling systems on the market, Noctua has also gained a reputation for being slow to introduce new designs. Proof of this are the 140 mm fans prepared by the company which, after much waiting, should hit stores at the end of June.

The confirmation was made by the company during its participation in Computex 2024, where it is showing the new NF-A14x25 G2 model to the visiting public. The latest news about the accessory had been shared in December 2023, when the company stated that it was not happy with the first units that left its production lines.

Noctua confirms new 140mm fans for the end of June
Photo: Reproduction/PC Gamer/Future

According to Noctua, the components were at risk of experiencing some deformations after being used for extended periods of time. As a result, she decided to return to the drawing board to detect the source of the problem and correct it, ensuring the final quality of her new fans.

Noctua made structural changes to components

Noctua explains that the correctness of the tests involved the use of liquid crystal polymers as the manufacturing material for its frames. However, she discovered that the solution didn’t work as well when applied outside of your fansand also served to face the price of the NF-A14x25 G2.

Ultimately, the solution found by the manufacturer was to reinforce the structure of its frame so that it was a little more rigid. Additionally, the product’s connectors have been adjusted to place less stress on the structure. With that, she finally managed to finish the accessory after months of work.

The manufacturer does not yet have a specific date for the launch of its new 140 mm fans, but says it is close to defining this detail. However, it already guarantees that the black version of the new model will only arrive in the first quarter of 2025, giving the same forecast for the debut of the NA-A12x25 G2 version, which will have 120mm fans.

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