Among the new features that will be announced on June 10th, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWD24), one of them will be the company’s new password manager and focused on its ecosystem, Passwords.

The news was announced by Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, who revealed the name and information about the new application. Apparently, it will already be integrated into the next versions of the iPhone and Mac operating systems. The idea is that it will go head to head with some already known password managers such as 1Password and LastPass.

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Passwords features and benefits

It is worth remembering that Apple already offers a service for generating and storing passwords through iCloud Keychain, which synchronizes passwords across all company devices and also on Windows PCs through a browser extension. However, accessing these passwords and even navigating control and configuration can be somewhat tedious and complicated, as they are stored and located in the device’s Settings app, which confuses many people.

The idea is to simplify, and the new Passwords app will be dedicated to that. With easy access, it will have the great advantage of being free and already integrated into the system. This is because most applications in this segment generally charge a monthly fee to save and store users’ passwords.

But it will also have some similarities with these applications, which even helps those who already use them to become familiar with Passwords and facilitate this transition. One of these similarities is that it will also separate and organize passwords into categories such as accounts, WiFi networks and PassKeys.

Furthermore, another feature it will bring is support for importing passwords from other management applications, without the user having to do this manual work. This way, Passwords will automatically fill in these passwords when necessary, both on websites and in applications.

Application expected to be launched next week

And for those who have or are thinking about purchasing Apple’s Vision Pro headset, the good news is that Passwords will also be compatible with it, in addition to supporting two-step verification codes, as happens, for example, with Google Authenticator and Authy.

It is not yet known whether Apple’s password app will have support for storing files and images more securely, a feature that is offered by its competitors such as 1Password and LastPass. However, Apple may include these features in the future as the app evolves and receives feedback from users.

The launch of Passwords appears to be another step by Apple to keep its users within its ecosystem, mainly by offering these types of integrated and simplified solutions that work in conjunction with the brand’s other products.

The new application will be part of the next updates to iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS and VisionOS, which should also include new features based on artificial intelligence, and more details about it should be revealed during WWDC24 starting on June 10th.

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