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While the Nintendo Switch 2 is not officially announced, it is up to leaks and other companies to reveal its features. Chinese accessory maker Mobapad stated that the new console will be a “conservative upgrade”, which should return to bet on the hybrid format and will bring a screen with native 1080p resolution.

This alone should be a considerable improvement over the current Switch, which only works at 720p in portable mode. The company also confirmed that the new device will have detachable controls that use magnetic mechanisms, but it will be possible to pair the old Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers already available on the market.

Nintendo Switch 2 will have a 1080p screen and full backwards compatibility [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

Mobapad also states that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have full backwards compatibility with the titles that have reached the currently available console. According to the accessory manufacturer, this will happen both with games associated with the Nintendo Account and with physical Switch games.

Nintendo Switch 2 must have refined design

The accessory maker also revealed that the new hardware will go back to using a docking system with USB-C connectivity. According to her, the accessory will bring some design improvements, as well as a part made of metal that will facilitate adjustments from different angles of use.

Nintendo Switch 2 will have a 1080p screen and full backwards compatibility [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

For Mobapad, the Nintendo Switch 2 should be considered as a “conservative hardware evolution”, which will not be revolutionary. In the company’s view, the new product is more of a “Pro” version of the hybrid device launched in 2017 than a complete change of direction.

While It is not yet possible to trust with 100% certainty whether the company’s reports are based on facts, they gain weight because they are very similar to the ones that the Vandal website recently published. Not yet confirmed by Nintendo, its new console is expected to debut sometime in early 2025.

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