Apple has brought a new change that offers the option to allow App Store developers to include links to external payment methods in an attempt to bring more “flexibility” to its store policies.

However, the latest revelations indicate that this change may not be as attractive as expected, raising questions about the company’s policies and especially how it appears not to take into account the impact on developers.

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Developers could end up at a loss with the App Store

In a hearing taking place on Friday as part of the ongoing legal battle with Epic Games, Apple disclosed that only 38 developers have requested to add these new links for external payments. An absurdly low amount when you consider that approximately 65,000 developers could do it. This revelation, reported by Bloomberg, casts doubt on the effectiveness of the measure and its acceptance by this community.

The external payment option was introduced in January this year as part of Apple’s attempt to comply with an injunction ordered by US Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in 2021.

However, Epic Games in March accused Apple of “sham” in its attempt to comply and filed a complaint with the court. This ongoing legal battle highlights tensions between the tech giant and app developers seeking greater flexibility and fairness in App Store policies.

Additionally, Apple’s requirement that developers get its approval before adding alternative payment options raises concerns about the control the company maintains over the App Store ecosystem.

The imposition of a commission of up to 27% on transactions has also come under criticism, especially when combined with payment processing fees, which could result in a significant financial burden for developers.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers expressed skepticism of Apple’s approach during the most recent hearing, suggesting that the company may be more concerned with maintaining its business model and revenue than providing a fair solution for developers.

“You are telling me that a thousand people were involved [na aprovação da nova taxa] and none of them suggested that perhaps we should consider the cost [para os desenvolvedores]?” asked the judge.

This appears to be just another chapter in this dispute, but it highlights growing concerns about Apple’s conduct regarding its role as administrator of the App Store and its impact on developers and consumers.

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