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While Nintendo has not officially announced its plans for the Switch 2, new rumors about the device continue to spread across the internet. Sources consulted by the Spanish website Vandal claim to have heard from reliable sources that the new model will use detachable controls with magnetic features.

Therefore, although they should be similar in features to what Joy-Cons offer, the new hardware will not be compatible with previous controls. However, the sources consulted state that the same will not happen with the Pro Controller, which can continue to be used without problems.

Nintendo Switch 2 must have controls with magnetic attachment [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

Vandal also reports that it obtained this information from an accessory manufacturer that managed to “touch” the new hybrid console. The site states that while the Switch 2 should have larger dimensions than its predecessor released in 2017, it should still be more compact than a Steam Deck.

Nintendo Switch 2 should arrive in early 2025

The site also claims to believe that, despite having been delayed internally, Nintendo’s new console shouldn’t take long to arrive. The belief at the moment is that The launch will take place in the first months of 2025meaning an announcement later this year is possible.

Nintendo Switch 2 must have controls with magnetic attachment [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Nintendo

The information contradicts recent reports that state that the Japanese company wants to bring the product to stores in 2024, which seems unlikely. According to Nikkei, the manufacturer is already planning the launch of a version with an OLED screen, which should arrive a few months after the debut accompanied by a slightly higher price.

Until now, Nintendo didn’t even announce the Switch 2, although it confirmed that it is already working on a new generation platform. Recently, the company revealed that it will not be present at this year’s Gamescom, reflecting the fact that, with the end of the Switch’s life cycle, the number of first party launches on the platform should also decrease.

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