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The Nintendo Switch 18.1.0 update completely ends the platform’s integration with X (formerly Twitter), no longer allowing users to post their game screens or short videos directly within the social network.

Just as there is no longer the possibility of making this direct connection to publish content, it is also no longer possible to receive suggestions from friends based on the accounts of the people you follow on X.

It is important to mention that Nintendo had already announced that it would end integration with the X, but never explained the reasons for removing support. Many believe that these are the prices established by Elon Musk, who determines that companies must pay $42,000 per month to use his API.

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Nintendo is the latest to end support

The Nintendo Switch is the latest video game to remove support for posting images and videos on X, with the others having already ended use of the API some time ago.

Sony Interactive Entertainment was the first, eliminating the connection of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles to the platform in November 2023. Microsoft has no longer allowed publishing since last April, both on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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There are still options

Even with Nintendo’s end of support for the X social network, not all is lost and there are other options for uploading your images and videos to the internet.

One of them is the Switch’s connection to Facebook, which allows content to be published directly on the Meta platform. It works in the same way as the old Twitter, just link your account to the hybrid console for it to work.

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The Nintendo Switch also allows the user to share this content with smartphones or other nearby devices using its Wi-Fi network. A QR Code will be displayed, allowing a direct connection between them and ensuring direct transfer to your cell phone, tablet, etc. .

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