Remember that last week the President Lula said that Brazilian scientists need to be ashamed and develop a national AI? Well, the cell phone manufacturer Motorola took a step in that direction. The company allocated R$25 million to the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) to strengthen research in computing and artificial intelligence.

UFAM, together with other research centers, contributes significantly to the development of artificial intelligence capabilities in the company’s smartphones. Brazil is seen by Motorola as one of the main global centers for AI development.

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Motorola cell phone AI is made in Brazil

According to the company, “malware detection, pattern recognition, HDR image enhancement via AI, image processing, Android security and AI core are carried out in Brazil“.

In addition to UFAM, Motorola maintains partnerships with the Eldorado institute and three other Brazilian universities:

  • Federal University of Acre (UFAC);
  • State University of Campinas (Unicamp);
  • Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

These five entities collaborate to develop essential AI tools in Motorola devices.

With the investment in UFAM, the company intends to expand the facilities at the Computing Institute, adding eight classrooms and four research laboratories. The goal is to drive AI solutions applicable to the entire range of products, from the affordable Moto E to the sophisticated Motorola Edge and Razr.

Motorola smartphones already have a series of AI features integrated into the Moto AI system, particularly cameras for image post-processing. The company also employs AI to optimize performance and strengthen device security, using technologies such as RAM Boost and automatic detection of phishing. A collaboration with the Google enriches the set of solutions with applications such as Google Photos and Google Lens.

So, if your next smartphone is from Motorola, know that the AI ​​features that will come with it are/were developed in Brazil.

About Lula’s speech

During the awards ceremony Brazilian Public School Mathematics Olympiads (OBMEP), in Rio de Janeiro, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva emphasized the need to develop national artificial intelligence. He had already expressed this urgency in March, highlighting the importance of AI in Portuguese, created by and for Brazilians.

Lula considers it essential that Brazil does not depend on economically dominant nations. He challenged scientists to present concrete advances by July, during the National Science and Technology Conference.

Reiterating his point, Lula compared innovation in AI to the invention of the airplane, emphasizing national sovereignty in technological creation. He demanded tangible results from the National Council of Science and Technology for July, questioning passivity in the face of foreign innovations.


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