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Although Microsoft has already confirmed that it does not intend to end the Xbox brand or stop manufacturing consoles, its next device could be very different from the Series X|S. According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, the company intends to open its platform even furtherthe result of its recent investments in expanding its games to other media.

On X/Twitter, Corden stated that the company will treat the platform as a “reference device” that will have well-established foundations in Windows. According to him, the treatment should be similar to what the company is giving to the Surface Pro 11, which is a reference for other AI PCs on the market.

In other words, the new Xbox should be closer to the idea of ​​a Steam Machine than a traditional console. This would give other manufacturers, such as ASUS and Lenovo, the possibility of creating their “own consoles” with more powerful hardware, but running the same titles.

Xbox could undergo drastic changes

If this really is the path that Microsoft will follow, the next generation of its console could come very close to the PC universe. With this, consumers could even buy games from stores like Steam or the Epic Games Store — something that Phil Spencer has already made it clear that this is the company’s future desire.

Next Xbox will be a Windows-based “reference device” [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft

At the same time, Going this route would represent a drastic change for the company, which may displease fans who prefer more traditional consoles, with fixed hardware and an exclusive selection of games. It is worth noting that, until official confirmation arrives, it is necessary to treat this information as mere speculation of what the future holds.

More news about what the future holds for the console will be revealed on June 9th, the date on which the next Xbox Showcase takes place. The occasion should be used to announce a new chapter in the Doom series, as well as to reveal more details about what’s new in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

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