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A Lenovo is planning to expand its line of handhelds with the new Legion Go ‘Lite’states the WindowsCentral. The new model should be a more compact version of the top-of-the-line laptop, with reduced specifications and a lower price.

Novo Lenovo Legion Go ‘Lite’

The site highlights that its “sources familiar with Lenovo’s plans” have stated that a scaled-down version of the notebook may be released. This new version will have an AMD Z1 line processor.

However, the Lenovo Legion Go ‘Lite’ may not have the Z1 Extreme chip to cut costs. With this, the manufacturer should follow in the footsteps of ASUS, which sells a more affordable version of the ROG Ally with the standard Z1 processor.

The Legion Go ‘Lite’ should also feature some construction changes to lower its price. The site states that one of the options is for Lenovo to remove detachable joystick technology. Which Nintendo also did with the Switch Lite.

Lenovo Legion Go Laptop
Lenovo Disclosure

Lenovo may also equip the Legion Go ‘Lite’ with a smaller screen. O WindowsCentral highlights that the new laptop has to be more compact, because it is much larger and heavier than the ASUS ROG Ally.

We still don’t know when Lenovo will reveal the Legion Go ‘Lite’. But the website states that this “shouldn’t take long”.

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Source: WindowsCentral

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