A Microsoft has carried out a series of profound reformulations in its games division. And all of this has caused great expectation and speculation in the community of players and enthusiasts.

The changes implemented by the company range from internal restructuring, which unfortunately resulted in the dismissal of a significant number of employees, to more strategic decision-making, such as the closure of some studios that were part of its conglomerate. Not only that, but the Redmond Giant has also brought Xbox exclusive titles for competing platformsa move that surprised many in the industry.

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Xbox could become like a traditional PC

With the new generation of consoles just around the corner, everyone is eager to see how it will change the gaming landscape. They also want to know how Microsoft will position itself against its competitors. So much so that rumors circulate suggesting that the The next console in the Xbox family could hit the market even before the announcement of the PlayStation 6. Although details are scarce and surrounded by secrecy, there is no doubt that Microsoft’s plans are extremely ambitious in the gaming segment.

The rumors that have been circulating on social networks and specialized forums in recent weeks suggest that the Xbox may be moving towards becoming more similar to a traditional PC. Such speculation gained strength when Microsoft itself mentioned the possibility of integrating renowned virtual stores, such as Steam and Epic Games, directly into its consoles, thus opening up an almost infinite range of options for users.

And it doesn’t stop there, as rumors also point to the development of a Portable Xboxa move that would place Microsoft in territory directly comparable to devices like the ROG Ally and Asus and the Legion Go and Lenovotwo examples of equipment aimed at gaming on the move.

Analyzing all this information together, it is clear that Microsoft’s objective is not only to maintain, but to considerably expand its footprint in the games market. They are intended to strengthen and increase uptake of already successful services, such as Game Pass and Cloud Gaming, which have played a crucial role in the way we consume digital entertainment today.

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Microsoft may open Xbox to other manufacturers

Recently, Jez Corden, a journalist recognized for his insider information about the Xbox universe, made intriguing statements on Twitter. According to him, there is a possibility that Microsoft is planning to take the Xbox brand far beyond what we know today, potentially integrating it with other companies in the next generation of consoles.

The next Xbox has a heavy Windows slant and will be a reference device for manufacturers making devices like the ASUS ROG Ally most likely. Like Surface Pro 11 is a reference device for AI PCs. — Jez (@JezCorden)”

Corden suggests that this new console could serve as a paradigm for future devices, as happened with the Surface Pro 11, which became an influential model for hybrid PCs with Artificial Intelligence (AI). He also postulates that the new Xbox could be the inspiration for other high-end products dedicated to gaming, including equipment like the ROG Ally.

This business model is similar to what happens with Android smartphones. O Google has a model system that is used by other manufacturers who, in turn, customize the entire system. Another similar example is the video card market. AMD e NVIDIA launch base GPUs and manufacturers launch their own models with some modifications, such as more VRAM or a more efficient cooling system.

Faced with so many possibilities, the question is for you, dear reader: what do you think about this possible new Microsoft strategy for the Xbox? Are we about to witness a new era for Xbox?

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Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/rumor-proxima-geracao-xbox-outras-fabricantes.html

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