If you like sending dozens of stickers in your conversations on WhatsApp You will definitely like this news. Creating stickers within the application itself has become even more interesting and accessible.

Well, the most used messaging app in Brazil is gradually bringing a tool that lets you create stickers with artificial intelligence (IA). In the beginning, only those who spoke English and lived in the United States or other English-speaking countries could use this new feature.

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This happened because it was necessary to give clear commands to WhatsApp about what you wanted on the sticker. Until recently, he only understood orders in English.

This function first appeared in October 2023 and caught the attention of a lot of people. Now, the good news is that Brazilians are also starting to receive this update. And the best thing is that making stickers with AI is very easy.

How to create stickers with AI

The process for creating stickers using WhatsApp’s artificial intelligence is simple and intuitive. If you are curious and eager to test, just follow the procedures below:

  • Start a WhatsApp chat regardless of whether you are using an Android or iPhone device;
  • Tap the sticker or emoji icon in the area where you type your messages;
  • Choose the “Use AI” option that will be listed there;
  • Briefly write what you want to see on the sticker.

Imagine that you want to illustrate your message with a picture of a friendly fox sending a heart. You should write something like “fox sending heart”. WhatsApp’s AI platform will promptly offer you a series of possibilities — up to four different sticker alternatives based on your description. If your first attempt isn’t exactly what you expected, that’s okay. It is entirely possible to repeat the process and experiment with variations in your instructions until you find the perfect sticker.

Did you like the sticker created? Wonder! It can be immediately sent to any contact with a simple tap. You can also add your new sticker to your favorites to use it again in the future or even edit it later, if you want to modify any aspect of it.

Who receives it and when?

WhatsApp will have an AI tool that transforms texts into stickers;  understand - TecMundo

As always, WhatsApp is slowly launching its new AI stickers. Users in Brazil, both Android and iOS, will receive the new feature gradually.

To find out when you can use the stickers, keep an eye on the message “Generate stickers with AI”. When the functionality is available to you, this message will be displayed on the screen. When you see this, just click “Continue” and like. If you’ve already updated WhatsApp and haven’t seen this feature yet, relax. She will arrive soon.

WhatsApp has already said that it will bring AI stickers in Portuguese and other languages. But it has not yet revealed a specific date for when all users will be able to use this function.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/whatsapp-criar-figurinhas-ia.html

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