A Clear renewed its range of TV plans, integrating platforms streaming to the Claro TV+. Now, the service includes Max, adding to the Netflix and Globoplay, already present.

The plans are divided into three categories: Claro TV+ Box (IPTV, requiring broadband connection), Claro TV+ 4K (cable TV) and Claro TV+ Soundbox (IPTV or cable TV with Dolby Atmos audio). The basic versions offer Netflix and Max with ads, while Globoplay comes with the option with live channels. Check the prices of each plan below:

  • Claro TV+ Box: R$ 119.90 (this plan is an IPTV and includes Globoplay + Channels, Max with ads and Netflix with ads);
  • Claro TV+ 4K: R$ 149.90 (this plan is a traditional cable TV and includes Globoplay + Channels, Max with ads and Netflix with ads);
  • Claro TV+ Soundbox: R$ 159.90 (this plan can be IPTV or cable TV and includes Globoplay + Channels, Max with ads and Netflix with ads).

Other Claro TV+ plans

Claro TV+ packages include more than 120 linear channels and an on-demand collection of 50,000 titles. It is important to note that packages with Max do not include HBO channels, which are sold separately.

There are also plans without Max. For example, you can subscribe to Claro TV+ Box with only Netflix Standard for R$109.90 per month.

This strategy of including streaming services aims to retain customers, amid the loss of approximately 660,000 contracts in the last year, according to data from Anatel. Faced with high costs, many seek online alternatives or resort to piracy via IPTV.

Claro also offers other streaming services on your TV bill, such as Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Looke and Telecine. Your set-top box is compatible with these platforms, eliminating the need for a smart TV.

There is no discount if you want ad-free streaming

Claro tv+ - App on Amazon Appstore

With Max packages, you cannot upgrade to the ad-free version at no additional cost. To do so, you must purchase an additional package, which includes HBO and Max channels at full price.

There is also no option to upgrade to Netflix without ads or premium within these plans. You will need to opt for another Claro TV+ package that does not have Max with ads.

Claro does not offer a plan that includes Max with ads on the Claro TV+ App, a more affordable alternative that includes Globoplay and works directly on smart devices, without a set-top box. With this service, it is only possible to add a Netflix account or the HBO + Max combo, paying the full price.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/novos-planos-claro-tv.html

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