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The new generation of AMD processors based on Zen 5, also known as Strix Point, will have options for the professional segment. This is what the latest leaks claim, which bring the names of at least two models of APUs labeled as “PRO”, with their dates.

The information comes from Hoang Anh Phu (@AnhPhuH), who tweeted that the Ryzen PRO Strix Point will arrive in October. This is an account that has already confirmed previous AMD leaks, so it has some credibility.

In the post above, the leaker mentions the Ryzen AI 9 HX PRO 370 and Ryzen AI 7 PRO 360 models. The names are followed by the information “six months after the launch of the PRO 8000”. The Ryzen 8000 PRO line arrived in April, so the math puts the new professional generation in October.

We don’t have any spec information on the professional Strix Point APUs yet, but the folks at VideoCardz have some speculation to offer. Since AMD’s PRO lineup usually features similar processors to its consumer counterparts, with a few new features, the Ryzen AI 9 HX PRO 370 is expected to be virtually identical to the AI ​​9 HX 370.

The Ryzen AI 7 PRO 360, in turn, could be similar to the Ryzen AI 9 365, bringing 10 cores to the enterprise segment. Previous rumors spoke of 12 cores for this model, but the site questions this possibility.

AMD Strix Point APU lineup grows

Adding the new names to those already confirmed for Zen 5-based APUs, there are only four models announced so far. VideoCardz has put together a table with technical details:

AMD Strix Point APUs table.
Fonte: VideoCardz

There won’t be much time left before more official details about the products are released. ASUS, for example, already has an event scheduled where it will show a wide range of notebooks and hybrids using AMD’s new generation of APUs. The presentation will take place on July 17, and you can read more here.

According to leaks, we should also have the Strix Point CPUs launched by August. If the rumors about the PRO versions are confirmed, we will have almost the entire year of news about Ryzen 9000.

Fonte: VideoCardz

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