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During Computex 2024, MSI presented the MESH router with Wi-Fi 7 from the Roamii line. According to the product description, the manufacturer will offer three variations of the router: Roamii BE Lite, Roamii BE Pro and Roamii BE Max.

A Lite version of MSI’s Wi-Fi 7 MESH router features speed up to 5 Gbps, device has 2.5 Gbps input and two Ethernet inputs. Unfortunately, the company did not disclose the rest of the router’s information. A Pro version it has 11 Gbps speed with the addition of a USB 3.0 input.


The MSI MESH router with Wi-Fi 7 Roamii BE Max has impressive speed 21 Gbps with the addition of another 10 Gbps Ethernet port. Unfortunately, the company has not yet released the rest of the device’s specifications.

MSI introduces line of MESH Roamii routers

During Computex 2024, MSI did not disclose the full details of the MESH Roamii line of routers. The manufacturer should inform the rest of the device’s configurations over the next few months.

Likewise, MSI has already revealed Z890 motherboards for Intel Arrow Lake and an All-in-One PC that can have a GeForce RTX 5090 GPU. At the event in Taiwan, several manufacturers reveal their news in the hardware segment and MSI was not outside the presentations.

Finally, MSI presented, alongside the MESH Roamii routers, the BE6500 Wi-Fi 7 USB adapter, a dongle with speeds of up to 2880 Mpbs in the 6 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidths. According to the company, the adapter has Support for Windows 10, Windows 11 and also Linux.

The adapter is an interesting device, but once again the company did not provide all product details. At the MSI booth, visitors can take a closer look at the Roamii MESH routers, but the product descriptions on site do not provide new details.

We will have to wait for MSI to release the rest of the specifications, but from what we can see the routers should offer the possibility of creating a high-speed Wi-Fi 7 connected network. It would be interesting to know the specific coverage area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach MSI Roamii MESH router, but one of the most important details was left out of the hardware presentation.

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