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Intel has officially announced the launch of the Xeon 6 series of processors. The company has revealed a gradual rollout schedule that will extend into the first quarter of next year.

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The launch schedule includes the debut of the Xeon 6700E in China on June 6, followed by the introduction of more powerful models in international markets. The Xeon 6 series is categorized into E series and P series, each targeting different market needs and computing demands.

The P series, designed for intensive tasks, supports applications in high-performance computing, database management, artificial intelligence, networking, edge computing, and infrastructure or storage solutions. P-series models include the Xeon 6900P, 6700P, 6500P, and 6300P, with up to 128 performance cores.

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Specifically, the Xeon 6900P, also known as “Granite Rapids,” will be available globally with up to 128 cores in Q3 2024. Following this launch, the Xeon 6700P and 6300P processors are scheduled for Q1 2025.

E-Series processors, utilizing Intel Process Technology 4, are optimized for high-density, scalable workloads. These processors aim to maximize application efficiency with configurations of up to 288 cores. The series will feature the launch of the Xeon 6900E “Sierra Forest”, which features up to 288 cores, scheduled for the first quarter of 2025.

Intel processor architecture and compatibility

Intel’s strategy with the Xeon 6 series does not incorporate the heterogeneous architecture of combining performance (P) and efficiency (E) cores as seen in some consumer processors.

Photo: Disclosure/Intel

However, these server-class chips share the same hardware platform and software development stack to ensure compatibility and performance optimization across different computing environments.

Details of the Xeon 6 series models include the Xeon 6900P, configured with 3 Compute Tiles and 2 IO Tiles, supporting up to 128 cores; the Xeon 6700P, which includes 2 Compute Tiles and 2 IO Tiles, offering up to 86 cores; the Xeon 6500P, with 1 Compute Tile and 2 IO Tiles, capable of supporting up to 48 cores; and the Xeon 6300P.

In the E series, the Xeon 6900E, the most robust model, comes with 2 Compute Tiles and 2 IO Tiles, allowing up to 288 cores, while the Xeon 6700E comprises 1 Compute Tile and 2 IO Tiles, supporting up to 144 cores.

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