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After Samsung and SK Hynix, it’s Micron’s turn to officially release its GDDR7 memory, bringing all the specifications for the next generation of AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

One of the main highlights is the high performance speed, which delivers 32 Gbps by having increased 1β (1-beta) of DRAM technology in its architecture. The module also has 60% more system bandwidth than GDDR6, reaching up to 1.5 TB/s.


According to Micron, its GDDR7 memory has four independent channels to optimize workloads, enabling faster response time, more fluid gameplay and reduced processing time.

Graphics cards with GDDR7 are expected to bring a 30% improvement in FPS for ray tracing and rasterization, compared to current GDDR6 and GDDR6X, across 1080p, 1440p and 4K resolutions.


Micron also revealed that its GDDR7 memory will utilize PAM3 signaling, following the improvements and optimizations demonstrated with PAM4 in its GDDR6X in the past. They claim to be the first to achieve 40 Gb/s performance with PAM3, further paving the way for best performance.

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Micron GDDR7 General Information

Micron also announced that its GDDR7 memory is 50% more energy efficient compared to GDDR6, leading to lower temperatures and increasing battery life. The “rest” mode also reduces standby consumption by up to 70%.

According to information from the manufacturer, in artificial intelligence its performance in creating images using text increased by 33%, as well as the response time was reduced by up to 20%.


It is important to mention that Micron was NVIDIA’s main supplier in previous generations of GPUs, but everything indicates that the “Blackwell” video cards will not feature its GDDR7 memory. The dispute appears to be involving only Samsung and SK Hynix, who presented their achievements during GTC 2024 in March.


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