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It’s not news to anyone that MediaTek is developing chips on ARM to combat Qualcomm’s leadership with Windows. A new report from Reuters points out that the manufacturer will bring its processors in the second half of 2025, shortly after the end of Qualcomm’s exclusivity with Microsoft.

According to three sources, the design of these ARM CPUs for Windows is already ready and this will help speed up hardware development. However, it has not been disclosed whether NVIDIA is working on this project together, as rumors suggest, or whether they are producing their own chip separately.


However, it is certain that in 2025 the ARM processor race will become much fiercer. With MediaTek already working on the projects, NVIDIA too and even AMD, it is quite possible that the number of “AI PCs” promised by Microsoft will skyrocket and competition between all these companies will become even greater next year.

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Qualcomm’s exclusivity to produce ARM chips for Windows dates back to a few years ago, in 2017. Even with the agreement expiring in 2021, the acquisition of Nuvia – a startup formed by three former Apple engineers who worked with ARM for Silicon – probably extended the period, which will now be closed.

However, it was only in this current year of 2024 that there was a major boost – the arrival of Snapdragon X processors, the first to be produced by Nuvia to bring unprecedented performance to home PCs in relation to artificial intelligence.

The project is so big that Microsoft held a presentation just to show the “AI PCs”, the next notebooks that will feature these ARM processors and that will have the Copilot+ PCs seal. In other words, it is a slice of the market that no manufacturer will want stay out – including MediaTek itself.

Another important aspect to discuss is that MediaTek is not a newcomer to the ARM market, having previously produced SoCs based on the technology – focused on Android devices and Chromebooks.

Its objective now, as well as that of NVIDIA, AMD and all the others, is to enter the Windows market and act at the forefront of AI for the end consumer.

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