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Gigabyte announced its new and gigantic TRX50 AI TOP motherboard, produced to work together with AMD Threadripper and Threadripper Pro processors. Its format is E-ATX and it measures 30.5cm x 33cm.

According to the manufacturer, the mainboard has four PCIe x16 slots – all of which can operate on PCIe 5.0 and one of which can be limited to PCIe 4.0 according to your choice of CPU. Additionally, there are four NVMe M.2 slots and eight DIMM slots, with processor-dependent functionality.


In terms of connectivity, Gigabyte revealed that the TRX50 AI TOP will feature two 10 Gbps Ethernet ports that work through two Marvell AQtion AQC113C controllers, in addition to supporting WiFi 7 via the Qualcomm QCNM865 module and two audio chips – one for the rear doors and another for the front panel.

Additionally, the new motherboard will also feature USB4 as part of the dual-port hardware. However, it is important to mention that only one of them supports DisplayPort Alt-mode – as there is only one entry for the format.


Gigabyte’s TRX50 AI TOP also has an internal USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20 Gbps) connector for cases with a USB-C port, as well as six 5 Gbps USB Type-A ports on its back and a pair of internal connectors to four 5Gbps USB Type-A ports.

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Gigabyte Specifications

Other details provided by Gigabyte for its TRX50 AI TOP motherboard is that it features four SATA ports, 16+8+4 phase power design, a 14-layer PCB and a debug display.

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that its mainboard will arrive with the so-called “UC BIOS”, an intuitive and user-centric UX with the Quick Access function. Despite presenting the feature, they did not explain what the main differences are for the UEFI system.


So far, Gigabyte has not announced when its TRX50 AI TOP motherboard will be launched and what its suggested retail price will be. More information should be released as production is completed.

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