As Workstations are powerful machines designed specifically to handle demanding tasks, often used by professionals who need exceptional performance in their daily activities.

In this context, the Lenovo brought to the Brazilian market the ThinkPad P16v second generation. This device is equipped with processors of the line Intel Core Ultra and offers an impressive capacity of up to 96 GB of DDR5 RAM memory, placing you at the forefront of current technology. In the next paragraphs I bring more information about this powerful notebook.

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16-inch IPS screen

One of the main highlights of this model is, without a doubt, its wide 16 inch screen, which has an aspect ratio of 16:10, providing more useful vertical space compared to traditional screens. Image quality is ensured by the use of an IPS LCD panel, known for delivering consistent colors and wide viewing angles. Users can choose between four different configuration options for this screen:

  • A solution with FHD+ resolution, 300 nits brightness and 45% coverage of the NTSC spectrum;
  • A touch-sensitive variant with the same features as above, adding blue light protection;
  • Another FHD+ version that increases brightness to 400 nits and reaches the entire sRGB color space, also incorporating protection against blue light;
  • And, for those who demand maximum image quality, a 4K UHD configuration, offering 800 nits of brightness, full coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, as well as HDR400 and Dolby Vision support.

Regarding connectivity, the device is well served. The ThinkPad P16v includes two Thunderbolt 4-enabled USB-C ports, offering lightning-fast transfer speeds and support for high-resolution external displays.

Furthermore, it has a traditional USB-A port, HDMI 2.1 output for connecting to screens and projectors, Gigabit Ethernet for access to high-speed wired networks, in addition to Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 for next-generation wireless connectivity.

Advanced hardware

ThinkPad P16v Workstation (image: disclosure/Lenovo)

Inside the chassis of the ThinkPad P16v resides a suite of tailor-made hardware to exploit the full potential of the processors Intel Core Ultra. The most advanced model is driven by Core Ultra 9 185Hwhich has 16 cores and an impressive 22 threadsconfigured to handle multitasking and intensive applications effectively.

Thanks to the inclusion of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) powered by Intel AI Boost technology, Lenovo highlights that the ThinkPad P16v can be considered a true “AI PC”. This indicates that the machine is capable of performing tasks related to artificial intelligence locally, optimizing work with data and machine learning.

Furthermore, other equally important technical specifications include up to 96GB of DDR5 memory with an impressive 5,600 MHz, SSD storage options that can reach 4 TB, using high-performance SSDs, in addition to a GPU Nvidia RTX Available for advanced graphics.

Users also have the practicality of a dedicated numeric keypad and a generous 96 Whr battery, promising long hours of uninterrupted use. There’s also a fingerprint reader, a Nano Kensington slot for greater physical security and, to complete the package, an optional webcam with infrared capability. Without forgetting, of course, the iconic TrackPoint, the small red button strategically located in the middle of the keyboard that serves as an alternative mouse and is a true symbol of the ThinkPad lineage.

Price and availability

ThinkPad P16v Workstation (image: disclosure/Lenovo)

Regarding the availability of the second generation ThinkPad P16v, it was unavailable on the official Lenovo Brazil website at the time of writing this text.

However, it is expected to be available for purchase again soon. As informed by the company, prices for this workstation start at R$ 12.599,99which reflects the high quality and performance that users can expect from this equipment.

ThinkPad P16v Gen 2 technical sheet

  • Bodies: IPS LCD, 16 inches, 16:10 aspect ratio, full HD+ or 4K options, with lighting up to 800 nits
  • Processor: up to the Core Ultra 9 185H model
  • RAM: up to 96 GB of DDR5 with a frequency of 5,600 MHz
  • Storage: up to two 2TB NVMe M.2 SSDs each
  • GPU: from integrated Intel Arc to Nvidia RTX 500/1000/2000/3000 Ada series
  • Battery: 90 Whr accompanied by a 135 W charger or 170 W option
  • Connectivity: diverse, including USB-A (1), USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 (2), HDMI 2.1 (1), Gigabit Ethernet (1), headphone and microphone jack (1), as well as Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3
  • Webcam: 1080p models with privacy shutter or superior 5MP webcam with IR and shutter capability
  • Others: Dolby immersive sound, SD card reader, the exclusive TrackPoint, biometric fingerprint sensor, Nano Kensington security lock, backlit keyboard, additional numeric keypad, available in elegant black
  • Operational system: Windows 11 Pro, Ubuntu Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux for those looking for a system focused on stability and security
  • Dimensions: 365 x 262 x 24.66 mm, balancing screen space and portability
  • Weight: approximately 2.2 kg, a compromise between robustness and mobility


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