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Japan opened a new amusement park for childrenwhere the focus is on teaching them how to assemble PCs. The PC Factory “hardware assembly” park opened at Kidzania Tokyo, a building with several attractions for children.

Have you ever imagined taking your child and learning how to choose a TRX50 AI TOP motherboard, an AIO Cooler and an AMD Ryzen 5 9600X CPU, all without using Nutella as thermal paste and assembling it correctly? This is the proposal for Japan’s new amusement park.

According to Kidzania Tokyo, the amusement park will teach children to “learning about computer structure and its functions, enjoying the manufacturing process and also understanding computers“.

Japan amusement park
CREDITS: Kidzania

In the park the children go “learning about computer structure and its functions, enjoying the manufacturing process and also understanding computers

Kidzania Tokyo

Japan opens amusement park to make PC building fun

The amusement park in Japan is a partnership between Kidzania Tokyo and the company Mouse, an old PC company in the country, which offers laptops and PCs for gamers and content creators.

According to information from Kidzania Tokyo, PC Factory for kids will use real hardware, teaching children how to build real PCs. The entire process will involve the presence of a guide, helping children with assembly.

In addition to learning about the entire process, at the end of the game, the children will get the PC to run, observing whether the assembly was correct and the initialization process takes place. The idea of ​​an amusement park in Japan is very interesting, promising a beautiful family day out.

Who knows, after assembling the PC, children will develop a love for assembling hardware? I believe the idea behind PC Factory will also help stimulate PC sales in Japan. Of course, that’s if kids actually have fun building PCs.

Despite the idea being a PC factory for children, many adults would also enjoy the idea of ​​setting up their own cabinet in Japan’s amusement park. Unfortunately, Kidzania Tokyo is an attraction aimed at little ones. However, who knows, maybe in the future they will decide to open a version of the park for adults?

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