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A Computex 2024, the largest electronics fair in Asia, was attended by Acer with a stand. Adrenaline checked out the brand’s space at the event and learned about the company’s main new features that are in the launch catalog for the coming months.

Acer’s highlight is the presence of notebook models based on the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite X processor. This chip promises fierce competition from 2024 against traditional CPUs from AMD and Intel.

Image source: Adrenaline

Some of the changes made by Acer to the new laptops include a slight change in design and the touchpad, which gains a symbol that indicates it is “ready” for artificial intelligence (AI). Even an LED was added to activate when a smart feature is in use.

Furthermore, models like the Acer Swift 14 AI already have the specific Windows Copilot+ button on the keyboard as a shortcut.

The gaming sub-brand Predator was also part of the Acer stand with a new and varied line of products. The focus of this year’s edition was on monitors, including the model X32 X3. This is a powerful 31-inch screen, with 4K resolution and 240 Hz refresh rate.

High-performance compact PCs like Orion X were also on display and impress with their balance between design and technical specifications. However, there is no confirmation that it will be launched in countries like Brazil.

Image source: Adrenaline

Finally, Acer also offered visitors an experimental area with a capturing and displaying stereoscopic 3D videos — a technology similar to what we see in devices like the Nintendo 3DS. One of the highlights is the Eyes Stereo Camera, which has two lenses and can generate images in real time.

The resource has application on several fronts, from games to the educational area, but it has not yet become a commercial product by the manufacturer.

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