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Intel is working on at least five Battlemage (BMG) GPUs, according to the Xe DRM-Next Graphics kernel update. With the patch, five PCI IDs have been submitted that are directly linked to the manufacturer’s upcoming graphics solutions. They are listed below:

  • 0xE202;
  • 0xE20B;
  • 0xE20C;
  • 0xE20D;
  • 0xE212

All of them were registered within the support of Linux 6.11, with a significant advance by the corporation in supporting the open source operating system. The estimate is that, when video cards and integrated graphics arrive in 2024, their performance will be stable within the platform.


It’s important to note that these IDs do not necessarily indicate that these will be the final versions of Intel Battlemage GPUs at launch. It’s possible that the registration was made for some engineering version or other purposes, rather than for the actual SKU that will reach consumers.

As of this writing, the manufacturer is only working on updates to support BMG graphics for displays. One of the discoveries that were made within these updates is that the new video cards will not support DisplayPort UHBR20 mode, for example.

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Encurtando as GPUs Intel Battlemage

If we compare the list of Intel Battlemage GPUs with what was released in the Arc Alchemist generation, the number is relatively small. In this aspect, there are two hypotheses: either the registration does not cover all BMG products that will reach the market or they will work with a reduced launch.

Rumors already point to the second option, revealing that the manufacturer will reduce the scale of SKUs for graphics and that it may not launch AIB (add-in-board) variants for the mobile market. This would explain the low number of registered IDs, as well as the company’s silence regarding the “Pro” models for workstations in this new generation.

The Arc Battlemage (Arc-B) line is expected to hit the market in 2024 alongside Intel Core Ultra 200V processors (mobile) and post-Intel Core Ultra 7 268V CPU with benchmark results revealed earlier for the desktop. More information should be presented to the public during the Innovation event – ​​which will take place in September.

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