The use of AI on social media is slowly becoming more and more advanced, and Instagram seems to be willing to test all its limitations. What’s new this time is that the company is using this type of technology to allow users to have conversations with their favorite influencers.

In this case, however, it will not be the influencers who will respond to these messages, but rather an AI model trained and inspired by these people, precisely with the intention of responding as if they were them. Check out more details!

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Chatting with AI Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is testing a new chat tool on the social network that is based on Artificial Intelligence, called AI Studio. This new tool aims to create “clones” of digital influencers so that they can chat with their followers, creating automated responses.

For now, the tool is in the testing phase with only a few selected influencers in the United States. On these influencers’ pages, you can see a new message button, which opens a direct chat with the person (or rather, with the AI ​​version of that person).

When opening the chat, the app makes it clear that the conversation is being generated by AI, both by having this acronym before the influencer’s name and by the message fixed at the beginning. “Messages generated by AI. Some may be inaccurate or inappropriate”

Chatting with AI-powered influencers on Instagram

The news was announced yesterday (27) by Marck Zuckerberg, who revealed some images of how it will work. According to him, the idea is for followers to feel closer to these influencers in a fun and productive way. Furthermore, he highlighted that small businesses will also be able to use this tool as an initial approach with customers.

“We’re working closely with creators to develop these tools so they can answer questions they get from their followers and engage with people in a way that’s both helpful and fun.”diz Zuckerberg. “It’s still early days and this is the first beta version of these AIs, so we’ll keep working to improve them and make them available to more people soon.”

Fonte: The Verge


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