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Some tests carried out by Intel for its “Lunar Lake” mobile CPUs were published on its website, showing that some chips in this new line can reach up to 32 GB of memory. However, this configuration will be seen in only one SKU of its new processors.

The discovery was posted by leaker “@InstLatX64“, who reveals the specifications of the Core Ultra 5 234V and Core Ultra 5 238V CPUs. Both have basically the same configuration, the only difference between them being their memory. While the 234V will have 16 GB of LPDDR5X, the 238V will also have 32 GB of LPDDR5X.

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Both versions of Intel Lunar Lake CPUs will have eight cores and eight threads, being a 4+4 combination of Lion Cove performance cores with Skymont efficiency cores. Their base clock will be 2.1 GHz, while leaks indicate that the chips’ boost clock will reach 3.1 GHz.

Despite being a low number, especially compared to what was seen in “Meteor Lake” processors – which largely reach 4 GHz – it is possible that the manufacturer has reduced its potential for testing. In other words, it does not mean that they will reach the market in this way, just that they were tested like this.

In addition, Intel Lunar Lake CPUs will also feature a series of integrated features – such as onboard memory as mentioned above, NPU for use alongside artificial intelligence and the new Xe-Battlemage graphics.

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Intel is bringing order internally

It is important to mention that recently a major problem with Intel CPUs was seen – mainly with the “Raptor Lake” and “Meteor Lake” line chips. Crashes and even the “Blue Screen of Death” were caused by impulse via motherboards and are being corrected recently, manufacturers have until May 31st to adapt to the new standard.

Even so, we will have Pat Gelsinger present during Computex 2024 to give more details about the “Lunar Lake” chips – which should hit the market this year – and all the other projects they have been working on recently.

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