Ghost of Tsushima, released in 2020, and formerly exclusive to the PS, proved to be a new step in relation to the transition from the console to the PC. The game is already the second biggest release, among Sony titles, on Steam. As our brother informed, GameViciothe game managed to surpass God of War by a few thousand simultaneous players.

According to data revealed by Valve, the company that manages Steam, Ghost of Tsushima reached a peak of 77,514 simultaneous online players in the last Sunday. God of War appears next, with 73,529 players. Helldrivers 2 remains isolated at the front. The game has already reached 458,709 players online, and sold 12 million copies in just 12 weeks.

For comparison purposes of this feat of Ghost of Tsushima, released for the PC last Thursday (16), Marvel`s Spider Man Remastered had a peak of just 66 thousand simultaneous users, while The Last of Us Part I did not exceed 35 thousand users.

Highly praised

Ghost of Tsushima is rated on Steam with “very positive” reviews. The game is classified by some as a true masterpiece, with praise for the graphics, combat system, and optimization in its PC version.

Probably, if the game hadn’t required a PSN account to play the Legends cooperative mode, the number of simultaneous users would have been even higher.


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