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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger reinforced in a meeting with investors and executives that its 18A (1.8 nm) process will hit the market in 2025 – being used in processors aimed at the Panther Lake desktop market and also for the seventh generation Xeon: Clearwater Forest.

Gelsinger states that they are committed to the “five nodes in four years” strategy, both in relation to the launch of 18A next year and the arrival of the 20A process in 2024 – which will be present in Arrow Lake CPUs – for desktop – and mobile Lunar Lake.


It is worth noting that the 1.8 nm process will end the promise made by Intel within the semiconductor industry – getting closer and closer to TSMC. WCCFTECH pointed out that the process design kit (PDK) will be delivered to its commercial partners later this quarter.

It is important to note that, among the manufacturer’s partners, is Microsoft – which has attracted a lot of attention from the industry and which promises a strong alliance within the segment: just as we saw TSMC as Apple’s main supplier.

Pat Gelsinger also previously revealed that he is betting his company’s entire future on the Intel 18A – indicating that its arrival will be extremely important for the development of new technologies and mainly for the use of artificial intelligence in the future chips they will manufacture.

Intel promises there will be no delays

Furthermore, the CEO of Intel also guaranteed that the 1.8 nm process will not suffer any delay – stating that their reputation for being prone to delays is an attribution for which the “specialized media” unfairly accuses them.

Expectations for the arrival of the 18A are high, as the corporation claims that its performance will surpass that of its rivals for the first time and will put its name at the forefront of semiconductor engineering.


Whether or not Pat Gelsinger is correct in his claims, we should only find out in the coming months. In Intel’s path we will have Samsung and TSMC, which also do not stand still and continue to compete for space in this market.

Fonte: ExtremeTech

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