A Intel has informed its business partners that it is discontinuing some processors, options based on the company’s 14nm production process. These chips are part of the 10th generation Core, the line Comet-Lake S, aimed at the LGA1200 platform. The company had already made the same move with the 11th Gen Core (Rocket Lake-S) last year. Options that are also based on 14nm lithography.

The release of the 10th generation Intel Core processors took place in 2020. The flagship of the Comet Lake-S family was the Core i9-10900K, equipped with ten cores with support for Hyper-Threading at a frequency of up to 5.3 GHz. Along with these processors, LGA1200 motherboards with support for Intel 400 chipsets were released.

In addition to the Core, the list of EOL (End of Life)end of market life cycle, also includes options for the 10th generation Core lines of the Celeron, Xeon W and Pentium Gold lines. According to Intel, Intel partners can order the chips until January 24 of next year, and the last batch will be shipped by July 25, 2025. More than 30 chip options will be discontinued.

Moving away from the Comet-Lake S camp, the company also confirmed that it is ceasing production of the model. Core i9-12900KSwhich is part of the 12th generation Core, Alder Lake-S, aimed at the LGA1700 platform.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/intel-ira-encerrar-producao-processadores-core-10a-geracao.html

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