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In 2017, NVIDIA promoted GeForce G-Assist as an April 1st joke. It was a USB device shaped like a GTX 1080, allowing the user to disable the machine learning and artificial intelligence features within games.

The game was about several resources to help gamers through AIs. “Ghost Play”, for example, would allow her to play the titles instead of a human being. “BossBoost” made upgrades so you could face complicated bosses in more difficult games. And why are we telling you all this? Because NVIDIA cited it again.


In a post on Twitter/X, Jensen Huang’s company recalled the GeForce G-Assist in a “too random” way and stated that “the future is never too far away”. Seeing something like this with just a few days left until Computex 2024 only instigates what will be presented at the event by NVIDIA.

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It’s not as if artificial intelligence is so far from us during everyday gaming, as we have DLSS – which is nothing more than an upscaling that uses AI algorithms to improve the performance of certain experiences. Recently, we also saw the announcement of NPCs using LLM for more interactive gameplay.

Whatever NVIDIA is preparing for the gaming public, related to AI, it should be something less absurd than the GeForce G-Assist at least. Considering that the corporation is at the forefront of technology and bringing several innovations, we can only wait and see what will be revealed during the event next week.

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The GeForce G-Assist in NVIDIA’s present

Well, one factor is certain: NVIDIA will not launch a USB stick with artificial intelligence to help the public with resources within games – as some of them could even be considered cheating if used in multiplayer matches.

However, it is important to mention that several rumors are pointing out that the next generation of GPUs is coming in 2024, the GeForce RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 and we may have features similar to the GeForce G-Assist related to hardware. Whether this was a false signal or not, we will find out at Computex 2024.

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