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AMD has announced a new partnership with Intigrit, a crowdfunded security services provider – the intention is to bring a new bounty program for “bug hunters” to the public.

The initiative is aimed at security researchers, ethical hackers and other experts to find and submit bugs found in their ecosystem of hardware, firmware and software through the Intigriti platform. Obviously this will yield a good amount of money for the “hunters”.

AMD 55 years

The money provided by AMD through the platform varies depending on the severity of the bug presented and the product category in which it was found. If what was submitted is accepted by your team, the values ​​are as described below:

  • Hardware: Low ($2,000) / Medium ($5,000) / High ($15,000) / Critical ($30,000);
  • Firmware: Low ($1,000) / Medium ($3,000) / High ($9,000) / Critical ($15,000);
  • Software: Low ($500) / Medium ($1,500) / High ($5,000) / Critical ($10,000);
AMD Ryzen

It is important to mention that users can report bugs directly to AMD through the Product Security Team, but there is no guarantee that the amounts mentioned above will be paid this way. At least the researcher will be credited in the published security bulletin.

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Onward, AMD bug hunters

AMD already had a private bug bounty program, but it was only for a select few professionals. Intigriti’s entry allows for broader public participation, ensuring that researchers from different backgrounds can be encouraged to find the errors and receive a good financial sum.

The intention is to discover errors before they become a major problem for the brand, as occurred with the Ryzen 7000 processors melting in the sockets in 2023, the several serious vulnerabilities in the BIOS security of Zen architectures up to Zen 4 and the limits of above-common overclocking on Radeon RX 7900 GRE GPUs.

AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE

With this, AMD enters the market of large technology companies that aim to benefit from bug hunting. And it’s a market that pays well, in 2020 hackers could reach up to $90,000 by finding these problems. In 2023, Google paid at least $10 million to the “poachers”.

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