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AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 APU lineup is set to make its debut in Asus laptops, which have had their launch delayed until July 28. These are the first officially confirmed devices featuring the new “Strix Point”-based processor lineup, currently listed at Best Buy in the US.

It is precisely on the store’s page that the postponement was observed, with a tweet from Hassan Mutjaba (@hms1193) showing the postponement. In the post, we can see screenshots with the previous date, scheduled for July 15th, and the current date, at the end of next month.

At the time of writing, the notebooks are still appearing at Best Buy with a scheduled release date of July 28, so it’s most likely that this will be the official debut date for the Ryzen AI 300. This will make its launch very close to the arrival of the Ryzen 9000, AMD’s next line of desktop components.

It’s only a two-week delay, so there shouldn’t be a big impact on the hype surrounding the launch of the new APUs. It can be frustrating, however, for those eager for confirmation of more notebooks with the processors. At the moment, only Asus has devices listed in an official store, so it is expected that more manufacturers will also reveal their products at their debut.

AMD APUs based on Strix Point have been more excited than usual for a new generation of processors. This happens because of the neural processing units incorporated into the line, the XDNA2 NPUs.

There is a lot of anticipation for the AI ​​capabilities of the Ryzen AI 300 line – which even has the technology in its name. It’s no wonder that AMD is following the trend of the moment, after all, one of its competitors became the most valuable company in the world while riding the wave of its popularity.

The real performance of the Ryzen AI 300 will be seen when the notebooks with the processors are launched. And we won’t have just a few to test, Asus alone has already promised 14 models with the APUs!

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