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ASUS has expanded its device portfolio with the introduction of the new Radeon RX 6600 Dual V3 GPU. It is a custom variant based on AMD’s Navi 23 graphics processor. The card arrives almost three years after the arrival of the RX 6600 version without the XT suffix.

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However, ASUS still claims that it uses the “latest RDNA2 architecture”. However, experts say that the description would require better clarification from the manufacturer. This is because AMD has already launched newer models like the RX 7600.

Photo: Disclosure/ASUS

The model, known only as DUAL V3, did not have an intermediate V2 version. Unlike the previous design based on this SKU, the new GPU features a more modern design. This appears to be new among Radeon products with the implementation of the updated DUAL cooler.

The V3 version is a little smaller than the V1. However, although it mentions an OC mode, it does not offer factory overclocking, which may confuse some users regarding its functionality.

ASUS Dual Radeon RX 6600 V3 Specifications

Among the technical specifications of the ASUS Dual Radeon RX 6600 V3, OC mode reaches up to 2491 MHz in the Boost Clock and 2064 MHz in the Game Clock. The model incorporates the Axial-tech fan design, which features a smaller fan hub, allowing for longer blades, and a barrier ring that intensifies downward air pressure.

Photo: Disclosure/ASUS

Additionally, 0dB technology ensures that light games can be played in relatively quiet environments. Dual ball bearings offer up to twice the durability of sleeve bearing designs.

The protective backplate helps prevent PCB flex and trace damage. Meanwhile, Auto-extreme technology utilizes automation in the manufacturing process. Finally, GPU Tweak III software is a tool that assists with performance tuning, thermal control, and system monitoring, contributing to an optimized user experience.

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