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Copilot+ PCs are already among us and although Qualcomm and Microsoft highlight the use of AI, it is actually their battery life that is attracting the public’s attention.

An article published in Bloomberg points out that a large portion of consumers purchased a new computer with a Snapdragon X Elite CPU thinking about the longer usage time they enable – rather than their ability to work with artificial intelligence.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series

During the launch week of the Copilot+ PCs, the numbers were positive and Microsoft’s new label obtained a 20% share of total sales within this period.

So far, Windows 11 only guarantees three AI applications that run on notebooks: CoCreator, Windows Studio Effects, and Live Captions with Translation. The others, from third parties, do not require as much hardware – considering that the overwhelming majority still use AI resources via servers in the cloud.

With the power efficiency of Arm-based chips being one of the main attractions of Copilot+ PCs, this feature has become one of the biggest reasons for some people to buy them at this early stage. It is possible that things will change and AIs will become more popular in the future, depending on what manufacturers do next.

Battery and AI on Copilot+ PCs

The battery of Copilot+ PCs attracting more public attention was not exactly Microsoft’s plan – which wanted a true revolution with artificial intelligence within its Windows 11 devices.

However, a major obstacle has emerged: major software companies such as Adobe, Salesforce and SentinelOne have refused the corporation’s request to allow their applications to use the NPUs of Snapdragon chips, maintaining their use via the cloud.

Adobe Premiere Pro Generative AI

While using AI on Copilot+ PCs would save processing power, resources and manpower, SentinelOne’s vice president of artificial intelligence Gregor Steward says we’re still a long way from the reality that’s been sold to the public.

SentinelOne will look to optimize its products for AI-enabled PCs in future development, but it will likely take years for these devices to reach a ‘sufficient proportion of machines sold’.

Gregor Steward

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