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AMD is in no rush to provide official information about its next-generation Radeon RX 8000 graphics cards. That’s according to one of the company’s latest leaks, pointing to a launch at CES 2025.

The information comes from Kepler (@Kepler_L2) on Twitter. He is a well-known leaker in the hardware media for his good track record of providing accurate inside information about AMD. Responding to tweets from other users, Kepler says that RDNA 4-based GPUs will appear at CES.

In each post, Kepler is succinct and doesn’t go into detail, but speaks emphatically as if he is certain. In the tweet above, he says that RDNA 4 will appear at CES, while in the post below he details: CES is for Navi 48, Navi 44 models should not be shown until the second quarter of 2025.

As the folks at Tom’s Hardware point out, this is a curious strategy for AMD – if the rumors are correct. Video cards are usually revealed at the end of the year, when sales are at their highest. This is because this is the period when some of the biggest games expected for each year usually debut.

It seems strange that the manufacturer would decide to reveal the Radeon RX 8000 so soon after this period, in January. It is even more unusual for this to happen at CES, an event focused on ready-made consumer electronics, not hardware parts like Computex.

Radeon RX 8000: We don’t know much

Little is known about AMD’s next-generation GPUs. Based on rumors, we expect to see the high-end models first (Navi 48) and then the mid-range/entry-level models (Navi 44).

Still based on leaks, the expectation is that the manufacturer will not face the most premium segment of home graphics cards with its RDNA 4 generation. The Radeon RX 8000 may only be aimed at the mainstream market, with the Navi 48 arriving at 4096 stream processors, according to calculations by Tom’s Hardware.

The information currently circulating is that AMD will “skip” the Radeon RX 8000 to return to the fight in the high-end segment with the RDNA 5 architecture in the future.

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