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Cooler Master launched, this Wednesday (22), the CryoFuze 5 thermal paste with different colors available, such as yellow, blue and red. Furthermore, the company claims that the “AI Thermal Paste” uses nanomolecular technology to maintain performance at temperatures between -50º C to 240º C.

In general, the different colors are just an aesthetic decision for those who like to vary the parts of their case – which will not even be seen – or for streamers to film the PC assembly. On the other hand, the highlight of CryoFuze 5 is its performance stability between -50º C to 240º C.

Cooler Master CryoFuze 5
CREDITS: Cooler Master

At least, these are Cooler Master’s words. Therefore, it is important to be a little cautious with the commercial details of the product, especially when the company also decided to call CryoFuze “Thermal Paste with AI”, following the trend of the moment.

CryoFuze 5 is a thermal paste that promises a lot of stability

According to the product page (in Chinese) CryoFuze 5 thermal paste uses nanomolecular technology, zinc oxide and aluminum powder in its composition. The paste’s thermal conductivity coefficient is 12.6 W/mK, which would supposedly place it as one of the pastes with good thermal conductivity.

Apparently, Cooler Master likes to make enthusiasts paint PC components. Last year, the brand launched CryoFuze Violet, also with thermal conductivity of 12.6 W/mK and violet color. Now, CryoFuze 5 comes in six colors: blue, red, yellow, black, white and light green.

In general, thermal paste colors make no difference to performance. Therefore, the most important thing is its thermal conductivity and performance stability at different temperatures. With 12.6 W/mK, the new CryoFuze promises to be a good protection option, not to mention that Cooler Master promises to maintain performance at temperatures between -50º C and 240º C.

Recently, Cooler Master also introduced Shark X shark-shaped PC and tower-shaped Ncore 100 Max case. If you are looking to build a new system, perhaps you can take advantage of Shark X and some colors from Cryofuze 5. Just don’t forget to save the assembly, otherwise the colors in the folder won’t even appear on your PC.

Source: Cooler Master

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