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From now on, the AMD AM5 platform will also be home to a line in addition to Ryzen. The CPUs AMD EPYC 4004 are the company’s novelty, reaching businesses smaller than large data centers, with more robust configurations and performance than Intel rivals.

Unlike the other series of AMD EPYC processors based on Zen 4, this new line has SKUs with considerably fewer cores and other smaller configurations compared to the less powerful series.

There are eight SKUs, ranging from 4 cores and 8 threads to 16 cores and 32 threads, just like the Ryzen 8000 desktop lineup.


AMD EPYC 4004 processor Nucleus/Threads Cache L3 TDP Clock base/boost Price
EPYC 4124P 4/8 16 MB 65 W 3.8 GHz/5.1 GHz US$ 149
EPYC 4244P 6/12 32 MB 65 W 3.8 GHz/5.1 GHz US$ 229
EPYC 4344P 8/16 32 MB 65 W 3.8 GHz/5.3 GHz US$ 329
EPYC 4364P 8/16 32 MB 105 W 4.5 GHz/5.4 GHz US$ 399
EPYC 4464P 12/24 64 MB 65 W 3.7GHz/5.4 GHz US$ 429
EPYC 4484PX 12/24 128 MB 120 W 4.4 GHz/5.6 GHz US$ 599
EPYC 4564P 16/32 64 MB 170 W 4.5 GHz/5.7 GHz US$ 699
EPYC 4584PX 16/32 128 MB 120 W 4.2 GHz/5.7 GHz US$ 699

According to AMD, comparing its new processors with the Intel Xeon E-2400 line, launched at the end of last year, the EPYC 4004 have twice as many cores, lower cost per core, 42% higher base clock, up to 5x more cache, support for 8% faster DDR5 memories and 50% more maximum memory.

AMD promises overall gains of up to 4.7x with its strongest SKU over the Xeon E-2488, depending on the benchmark. Furthermore, in cryptocurrency mining, the EPYC 4564P delivers almost triple the performance compared to the same Intel CPU.

In addition to all the specifications and benchmark results, AMD also decided to clarify the nomenclature of its EPYC processors, as you can see in the image below. This is not the first time that the company led by Lisa Su has done something like this.


AMD EPYC 4004 processors are already available on the market, they are accessible to the common consumer who has an AM5 motherboard, if they need more security and cache memory, among other resources, even having standard configurations similar to the Ryzen 7000.

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