O TecLab, led by Ronaldo Buassali, added another remarkable feat in terms of video card customization. They simply created what would be the Super version of the RTX 4090. Officially, this board does not even exist in the portfolio of NVIDIAbut nothing that modders can’t put into practice. This model delivers 13% more performance than the RTX 4090, considering the test in the Superposition benchmark tool, in the 8K preset.

The project started by using the AD102 chip, the GPU that equips the RTX 4090, on the RTX 3090 Ti PCB from GALAX’s HOF (Hall of Fame) line, which guaranteed a 28-phase power system and two 12 + 4 12VHPWR connectors (C). The memory chips were also changed. Instead of the standard 21 Gbps GDDR6X modules, TecLaB’s modification received 24 Gbps options. Changes to the BIOs and other settings were necessary for everything to work.

Instead of a fairing with traditional fans as the active dissipation element, the project received a waterblock, so that the VGA could be integrated into a custom watercooler system.

Obviously, TecLab, a reference in terms of overclocking, did not pass up the idea of ​​testing this card in an extreme way. Using liquid nitrogen (L2N) for cooling, the GPU operated at 3.0 GHz and the memory modules reached 26 Gbps. In this scenario, the performance improvement was 40%.

Below you can check out the full test:

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/brasileiros-criam-rtx-4090-super.html

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