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ASUS has started updating its motherboards for the arrival of AMD’s Ryzen 9000 series of processors, based on Zen 5. The AGESA BIOS update is now available for the manufacturer’s X670E, B650E and B650 motherboard models.

Moving on to the commercial names of the cards, the ROG, ROG Strix and Proart lines are the first to receive the update. WCCFTech has put together a list with the download links for each card model receiving the update:

As you can see from the list, the BIOS is still in its beta phase. Below are the ASUS B650 motherboards that will be optimized for Ryzen 9000, with the link to download the update:

ASUS did not offer details about the benefits of the update, only disclosing that the new version of AGESA improves the overall performance of the system.

With the Ryzen 9000 series coming this month, we’ll see more and more motherboard manufacturers updating their BIOSes. This includes models with the AM5 chipset, which will be compatible with the new generation of Zen 5-based components.

AGESA still arrives at Ryzen 9000, but its time is running out

The classic AGESA firmware should still appear in many BIOS updates, but its years are numbered. More precisely, counted until the year 2026, when it should begin to be replaced by the open source openSIL firmware.

The change was confirmed by AMD itself, which hopes to have more security and simplicity with the replacement. The goal is to have a complete BIOS change, so it should happen slowly and gradually over a long period of time. For more details, click here.

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