Bitzee are a kind of interactive virtual “tamagotchi”, which bring a new layer of technology and possibilities to these little animals that have been so successful in the past. This time, the news is that you can even take care of your favorite Disney or Pixar character.

It turns out that the line is expanding, as Spin Master, the company that launched the Bitzee in the United States last summer, announced the launch of two new versions of the device later this year: Bitzee Disney and Bitzee Magicals.

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Having a Disney character as a virtual pet

This is a very interesting novelty for anyone who has already had a tamagotchi and wants to satisfy the nostalgia, this time in a somewhat more advanced way and with familiar characters. Of course, it’s also a great attraction for children who haven’t had this experience in the past either.

Bitzee Disney will include 30 characters from the Disney/Pixar universe, including Stitch, Olaf, Nemo and Dory, Remy, Mike Wazowski and Sully, Pumbaa and SImba, Abu, Flounder, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and many others.

Although compared to the tamagotchi, the Bitzee has some basic differences. The first of them is that it doesn’t have a 2D screen with the animal, but rather a kind of hologram inside a box, with controls based on movements and a flexible, foldable display.

Bitzee Disney

One of the advantages of this format is that the player can feel closer to the virtual pet and physically interact with the character, running their finger along the top of the display to pet the creature or swinging the box from side to side to place it. there to sleep. Additionally, it has a small slider bar, which serves as a way to navigate through the activity menu.

However, there are still some similarities with the virtual pet of the past, as the objective is still to take care of the character by ensuring some basic needs such as food, drink, sleep, as well as games to have fun with him.

In the case of Bitzee Disney, the characters have the advantage of representing a landmark moment in their career in their own films. Dory, from Finding Nemo, for example, can greet the player by saying “whales”. This feature brings an extra layer of immersion and nostalgia for Disney/Pixar fans of all ages.

Bitzee doesn’t die and will also have the option of new characters and magic


Another big difference is that Bitzee is a slightly more user-friendly virtual pet game. Unlike the traditional tamagotchi where the pet would die if the player forgot some care or abandoned it for a long time, in this case even if you have to leave it stored for a long period or even don’t do a good job with the care, they won’t they will die.

This makes it even more viable for younger children, as many are still unaware of this daily care, which alleviates the trauma of seeing their favorite Disney character dying because of them. It’s also good news for adults who want to relive this experience but don’t have the time every day to take care of their demanding tamagotchi. Just close the box, and the pet will go into sleep mode.

In addition to Bitzee Disney, the company also announced Bitzee Magicals, a new line that will feature completely new characters. The idea is that these characters are inspired by cryptozoology, which is the study of hypothetical animal species or those seen by few people. They are considered legends, as is the case with the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster (or Nessie) and even two different versions of the Jackalope (or Jackalope).

Furthermore, these little creatures still have a touch of magic, as this line comes with a new feature, which is the magic wand feature. It allows the player to play a bit at being a wizard, for example being able to transform the pet into a duck on a skateboard for a while. Other magical items are also added, such as potions, which can make pets change color. This all adds more options for games and even a way to customize the creatures.

Availability and prices

Although it is now possible to find traditional Bitzees here in Brazil, the new Bitzee Disney and Bitzee Magicals lines have just been launched, so for now they are only on sale in the United States. Or better still, pre-sale.

In the case of Bitzee Disney, they are now available for pre-order for US$35 (approximately R$185) on Amazon in the United States. Pre-orders for Bitzee Magicals, which will cost US$30 (approximately 158), will only open on July 1st.

Both are scheduled to ship in the fall (between September and November), offering a fun and nostalgic new way to interact with beloved characters and charming new creatures. With these new versions, Bitzee promises to bring even more fun and enchantment to fans of all ages, consolidating itself as the “interactive Tamagotchi” of the future.

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