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AMD X870 motherboards may have a smaller presence than Intel Z890 at Computex 2024, but they also attracted attention for bringing support for Ryzen 7000 CPUs to the line that will arrive in July: the Ryzen 9000 “Granite Ridge” , AMD EXPO technology and USB4 and PCIe 5.0 connections.

However, it seems that their launch is not close and, in fact, they should arrive after the new Ryzen 9000 processors. According to Hardwareluxx, CPUs with socket AM5 will be compatible with current motherboards and only at a future time we will have the arrival of new chipsets.

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The absence of the X870 and X870E motherboards is not really a problem, as the “600” line chipsets are also compatible with the AM5 socket and can continue to be used without any headaches. However, it is common knowledge that many will await its arrival to obtain the full potential of next-gen processors.

It is also notable that few corporations showed their new chipset models, even without restrictions from their manufacturer. Gigabyte, Biostar and MSI presented few of them at Computex 2024 – which could also mean that their arrival could be a little further away than expected.

AMD has not confirmed when the X870 motherboards will be launched on the market and whether it will be after the Ryzen 9000 processors, but no other manufacturer has announced the launch of the chipsets and the CPUs will already be on the market in July – reinforcing the information presented by HardwareLuxx .

Biostar X870E Valkyrie

AMD X870 vs Intel Z890

Another intriguing aspect at Computex 2024 is that AMD did not apply restrictions to the revelations about the X870 and X870E motherboards – even with few versions of them being exposed at the event and not even a forecast of their launch.

On the other hand, Intel did not allow its commercial partners to publicize the Z890 motherboards – even though several of these companies already had an entire line available to show and knew that they would arrive alongside the Arrow Lake CPUs (Intel Core Ultra 200) in the last quarter of 2024.

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