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ASUS has shown that it is one of the manufacturers most interested in Windows Dynamic Lighting with the announcement of more support for its components. Now, motherboards with Intel 700 or AMD 600 chipsets are also compatible with the feature.

The updated UEFI BIOS on supported models will show a new option in the LED Lighting tab, conveniently called Windows Dynamic Lighting. Simply enable this to use the Windows 11 feature to control your motherboard’s RGB lights. The folks at VideoCardz note that it is not yet known whether or not the feature is enabled by default.

BIOS screenshot with Dynamic Lighting option for ASUS boards.
Source: ASUS

Dynamic Lighting was designed by Microsoft to help Windows 11 users centralize control of colored lights on their systems. As virtually all hardware and peripherals with the gaming label come with RGB LEDs, control and synchronization can become very “scattered”. Software integrated directly into the operating system should facilitate compatibility between different products.

Dynamic Lighting is still in its infancy

The Windows tool has its limitations, however. It is possible to synchronize the colored lights of compatible components, but it cannot do ARGB – a feature in which the colors and brightness intensity follow the computer’s use.

As more and more manufacturers support Dynamic Lighting, the tool is likely to grow and offer more features. Greater compatibility usually results in more users, which often means more development focus for a software. It wouldn’t be surprising if ARGB is already in Microsoft’s plans.

In addition to the motherboards that are now included in ASUS’s list of supported products, the manufacturer also offered the feature on its headphones and notebooks. ASRock, meanwhile, was one of the first to support Dynamic Lighting on its motherboards.

Fonte: VideoCardz

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