Apple Watch fans could be in for a number of exciting improvements with the next generation of the device. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 10 could bring some of the most desired features, including a larger screen and new technological capabilities.

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Apple Watch Series 10 to gain chip and AI improvements

One of the most exciting pieces of news for Apple Watch enthusiasts is the possibility of the Apple Watch Series 10 featuring the same 49mm display as the Apple Watch Ultra. Rumors suggest that the upcoming model will feature a two-inch display, as indicated in a recent CAD render.

While the larger screen is a significant change, Gurman says the overall design of the watch will remain the same. That means existing accessories like bands will still be compatible, which is great news for those who have invested in a variety of band styles over the years.

In addition to the screen changes, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to come with a thinner case and a new chip that could pave the way for AI enhancements in the future.

This new chip promises to not only improve the overall performance of the device, but also pave the way for advanced features that utilize AI, something that could redefine the user experience with the smartwatch.

Challenges with new health sensors

However, not all the news is positive. Gurman points out that Apple is struggling with the implementation of two major health sensors planned for the new model.

The company has yet to secure a blood pressure monitor and is having issues with a blood oxygen sensor, delaying the introduction of sleep apnea detection. These challenges indicate that some of the most anticipated health features may not be ready for the Series 10’s launch.

A more affordable version: Apple Watch SE

To compete with Samsung’s $199 Galaxy Watch FE, Apple is reportedly planning to release a more affordable version of the Apple Watch SE. One way to reduce the cost is to introduce a hard plastic case, which could also make the device lighter. This strategy aims to make the Apple Watch more accessible to a wider audience without sacrificing too much on quality and functionality.

In addition to the Series 10 updates, Gurman reveals that Apple is working on the Watch Ultra 3. While no major visual changes are expected, the new model will likely feature the same advanced chip as the Series 10, promising superior performance and possibly new AI-focused features.

Fonte: The Verge


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