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In a broadcast held this Thursday (9), ASUS revealed that it has already is preparing the launch of ROG Ally X, an enhanced version of your portable computer. However, she guarantees that this will not exactly be a new generation of the product, but rather an upgrade of all the ideas that worked in the past.

The date was chosen by the company because it marks the first anniversary of its hardware that rivals Valve’s Steam Deck. According to Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon, the new device should have an improved battery and more storage, but additional details are still being kept secret.

ASUS officials claim that more information about the ROG Ally X should only be revealed on June 2nd this year. This is the date chosen by the company to make its presentation at Computex 2024, which should also mark the debut of its first computers in the ASUS AI PC line.

ROG Ally X vai estrear nova interface Armoury Crate 1.5

During the broadcast, Kulinski and Gordon confirmed that the ROG Ally X will maintain the same display as the original model, but may bring some physical changes. They also revealed that the product will mark the debut of Armory Crate 1.5, an interface used by the laptop to facilitate game navigation.

ASUS confirms ROG Ally X announcement in June
Photo: Disclosure/ASUS

According to the company, the update will bring a remodeled interface that will make it easier to resize and reposition game icons. It also promises to simplify the uninstallation of games with a new shortcut systemas well as making it easier to share custom control profiles.

Company officials claim that the changes will also reach the original ROG Ally, and that the changes mentioned are just an “example of what is coming”. We just have to wait until June 2nd to find out what the company is preparing and whether it will be worth upgrading the hardware.

Fonte: ASUS/YouTube

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