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ASUS revealed that on May 20, 2024, starting at 3pm (Brasília time), it will hold its first digital presentation on the “ASUS AI PC” line – aimed at notebooks with Qualcomm processors, dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence .

The company has not disclosed which models will belong to the line, but describes them as notebooks that will have “innovative artificial intelligence functions and unparalleled performance”. In addition to the corporation itself, the presentation will also feature representatives from Qualcomm and Microsoft to talk more about their advances.

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ASUS TUF Gaming F15ASUS TUF Gaming F15
Image: ASUS

According to ASUS, the event called “Next Level. AI Incredible” will have as its main focus announcing its “premium ultraportable” device – under the promise of “breaking traditional limits” by taking advantage of the capabilities offered by AIs in this generation.

Their and Microsoft’s intention is to bring personalized artificial intelligence to the public, capable of adapting to the way each user uses it and which will allow them to make even greater use of their technology in their daily lives by adapting to their needs.

The “ASUS AI PC” presentation will be chaired by the company’s co-CEO – SY Hsu and will show how Qualcomm and Microsoft helped with this cutting-edge notebook – as well as their insights into what we should expect in the future alongside these devices.

A ASUS Computex 2024

According to information from ASUS itself, the notebook that they will present in partnership with Microsoft and Qualcomm will also be available for the public to try during Computex 2024 – which takes place in Taipei from June 4, 2024. The company also promises to take everyone its cutting-edge products, showing what will come in the future.

The “Next Level. AI Incredible” will also have an official website, which will be active from May 7, 2024. Users will be able to watch the presentation there, but more details about the channels on which it will be presented should be released in the coming days.

Source: ASUS

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