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Founded on May 1, 1969, AMD celebrated its 55th anniversary with several achievements along the way and practically contemplated each stage of digital computing – reaching today as one of the largest technology companies alongside names like NVIDIA, Intel and several others.

As people who are passionate about technology, it is very difficult not to know some of the products they have produced over the years: they have worked on processors for PCs, servers, consumer electronics, GPUs for gaming and those aimed at the professional field – in addition to various collaborations with other corporations .

AMD RyzenAMD Ryzen

In these 55 years of activity, AMD also contemplates an even greater future: with its HPC processors for artificial intelligence – taking its commercial partners and consumers to a new era of computing that we have entered in recent times.

It is worth noting that Dr. Lisa Su’s company has a market capitalization of $237 billion and is present in several regions of the planet – including Brazil. AMD has a pipeline of supply and services that places it as one of the 500 richest companies on Earth – which also includes several other IT companies

And its 55 years could not be celebrated in a better way than by bringing new products to the public. In 2024, CPUs with Zen 5 architecture are expected to arrive, as well as RDNA 3+ iGPUs, which will further expand their presence within this competitive market.

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Congratulations on 55 years, AMD

In addition to a new line of products, AMD is not standing still in the market and promises an even bigger 2024 for its fans and for those who follow its hardware. Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of the corporation, will be responsible for opening this year’s Computex – one of the biggest technology events we will have in the coming months.

As well as the announcement of their next hardware, they are also expected to publicize their advances in relation to artificial intelligence and show progress as relevant as we have seen in relation to their direct competitors: NVIDIA and Intel.

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And it’s not just in computers, servers and notebooks that AMD’s presence is a big differentiator. It is important to note that in the gaming industry, desktop consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series feature the brand’s processors – as do portable devices, for example the successful ASUS ROG Ally.

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