A Apple is seriously considering entering into a strategic partnership with OpenAIone of the leaders in the field of artificial intelligenceto integrate an advanced AI chatbot into the next version of your operating system, the iOS 18.

The expectation is that the collaboration can result in functionalities that take advantage of the capabilities offered by OpenAI. However, it is important to highlight that Apple intends to develop and improve its own artificial intelligence capabilities, seeking a balance between the local processing performed by iPhones and the complex operations carried out in the cloud.

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OpenAI will be Apple’s strategic partner

The renowned journalist Mark Gurmanknown for his analyzes of trends in the technology market, revealed that the Apple company’s senior executives were initially reluctant to launch a chatbot exclusively developed by Apple.

Concerns mainly revolved around the impact that gaffes and errors could have on the company’s reputation. The concern is not frivolous, especially taking into account the criticism that similar solutions such as ChatGPT from OpenAI and Gemini from Google received in the past due to inconsistencies and failures.

Despite initial hesitations, it appears that Apple’s decision makers have recognized the growing demand for this type of technology among users. It was also taken into account that the rival platform, Android, is incorporating more and more AI-based functionalities. It wouldn’t be interesting to fall behind in this race.

Given this scenario, the approach of establishing a strategic partnership with OpenAI has emerged as a promising solution to provide the desired advantages without assuming all the costs and risks associated with the autonomous development of such a system.

Apple should also work on its own tools

Apple's AI Plans for the iPhone: What to Expect From iOS 18 and More - CNET

In search of the ideal partner, contacts were also made with Google. However, it is reported that there was a notable preference for OpenAI. According to information released by Gurman, OpenAI is already in an advanced stage of preparations to support a potentially gigantic user base that could emerge from this collaboration.

Apple, in addition to using the OpenAI chatbot in iOS 18, continues to work on its own ideas. The company wants to create more AI resources to help people in their everyday lives. This will make things like understanding alerts and notifications, highlighting important news, and turning voice recordings into text easier.

These improvements won’t just be limited to new functions — existing tools will also undergo significant refinements. Users can expect more assertive application recommendations, automated calendar event management and even image editing assisted by artificial intelligence. However, Gurman makes an important point: those consumers who are already accustomed to the advanced image editing tools offered by Adobe may not be as surprised by these latest features.

Some AI functionality on iPhone will be processed locally, while others will require cloud processing support. Analyst Jeff Pu revealed that Foxconn is manufacturing servers with M2 Ultra chip to strengthen Apple’s cloud computing infrastructure, improving AI performance.

Source: Bloomberg

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/apple-openai-inteligencia-artificial-iphone-16.html

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