It is true that the AMD no longer has the same strength or relevance that it had a few years ago. Even so, it is undeniable that to this day the brand remains relevant in the current technology scenario, competing with Intel in the segment of processors and with the NVIDIA in the field of graphics cards. Although it is not a leader in any of the segments, it is somewhat difficult to imagine AMD with any real risk of bankruptcy.

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But that’s what was about to happen. At least that’s what Renato Fragale, a 22-year veteran of the company, says on his LinkedIn profile. AMD escaped bankruptcy thanks to the triumph of the PS4, the tech giant’s employee revealed.

The PS4 is among the most acclaimed consoles in the PlayStation line, maintaining relevance with releases even almost four years after the arrival of the PS5, thanks to its vast user base.

The collaboration between Sony and AMD in the development of the PS4 acted as a bulwark against AMD’s insolvency, as indicated by a senior executive of the company on his LinkedIn page. Timur222, a user of Twitterreleased a screenshot of the profile of Roberto Fragale, who held several roles at AMD, including senior development management engineer during the creation of the PS4.

Fragale points to the partnership with Sony as one of AMD’s most triumphant milestones, crucial to its financial stability. He currently holds the position of senior director of OEM consumer and gaming client business at AMD. The company not only forged the semi-custom APU for the PS4 but was also selected to collaborate on the PS5, highlighting a mutually beneficial partnership.

In other words, if it weren’t for the PS4’s massive success, AMD might not be with us anymore.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle


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