The Chinese Zephyr launched an ultra-compact version of the graphics card GeForce RTX 4070. Named by RTX 4070 ITX, in reference to the ITX form factor, this VGA is just 172 mm long and has a dual-slot design. This is the first version of the RTX 4070 with this form factor.

RTX 4070 ITX bets on cooling system efficiency

The Zephyr GeForce RTX 4070 ITX is made on a custom PCB with an 8-pin connector. The graphics chip, the AD104-250, operates at a clock rate of 1920 MHz to 2470 Mhz. The video output set is represented by three DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.1.

The card has just one fan that reaches 2400 RPM. The manufacturer claims great efficiency in relation to its cooling system. According to Zephry, the RTX 4070 ITX delivers better dissipation results than some dual-fan cards.

On average, the GPU temperature is 8 degrees cooler, and memory chips with 10 temperatures are 10 degrees lower compared to other options, according to comparisons in the FurMark test.

The company also released the card’s performance score in tests on 3DMark. The Zephyr RTX 4070 ITX recorded 4442 points in the Spped Way, close to 4450, the average recorded by the RTX 4070.

Price and availability

Zephyr GeForce RTX 4070 ITX is only available in the Chinese market. The price was not mentioned.


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