Rumors indicate that the Sony would be developing support for PS3 games on PS5. However, experts from the Digital Foundry point out that hardware incompatibilities may make this initiative unfeasible. Meanwhile, the Microsoft seems to be one step ahead, preparing its Xbox Series X/S to run these titles even before PS5. It would be quite ironic, wouldn’t it?

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Recent updates to Developer Mode on Xbox consoles have raised speculation about emulating PlayStation 3 games. According to Wccftechimprovements include the integration of Mesa (OpenGL/Vulkan) support, paving the way for emulation of PS3 games and perhaps even PS3 titles. Nintendo Switch.

Modern Vintage Gamer (see video below) highlighted the impressive emulation capabilities of the Xbox Series S, highlighting its versatility after software updates. Playing classics like “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” on Xbox may seem strange, but it highlights a possible superiority of the Xbox Series X|S over the PS5 in backward compatibility.

Sony has signaled plans to add support for PS3 games to the PS5, but technical hurdles from the PS3’s complex Cell architecture could restrict compatibility.

Developer Mode on Xbox Series X|S provides developers with a convenient environment to test and refine software directly on retail consoles, expanding the capabilities of the consoles. Detailed information about Developer Mode is available here. available on the official Microsoft website.

It remains to be seen whether we will see this functionality come to fruition.


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